Structural Timber - Boundary Creek Timber
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Structural Timber

Rough sawn hardwood timber in all industry - standard sizes

25mm x 25mm THROUGH TO 300mm x 300mm AND EVERY SIZE IN BETWEEN.


175 x 25 x 6mm

Kiln dried and moulded decking & flooring in all standard sizes

Structural Timber

We produce rough sawn hardwood timber in all industry- standard sizes suitable for construction in commercial and residential projects.

It is visually stress graded to F14 standard and better.

We can cut anything from 25x25mm to 300x300mm and all in sizes in between.

Lengths are up to 6m but we may be  able to cut longer  depending on log availability.

Our range also includes step treads and weatherboards.

Decking and flooring is available in a range of sizes.These products have been kiln dried and machine moulded ready to lay.

If your project requires something out of the ordinary talk to Jarrod, if he can cut it then we will help you out, subject to availability of logs.

Our products are mostly cut from iron bark, blue and spotted gum which is locally sourced, we also use gum top box and stringy bark when available. Give the office a call and speak to Phil about prices and availability.



to 250×25 at various lengths


up to 300×75 at various lengths


up to 300×50 at various lengths


up to 300×50 at various lengths


up to 150×150 at various lengths


standard weatherboards


We welcome your enquiry for your timber requirements. Contact our team to discuss your specific needs.