Landscape Supplies - Boundary Creek Timber
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Landscape Supplies

A wide range of landscape supplies treated to H4 standards

Hardwood landscape sleepers

200×50, 200×75 & 200×100 in 2.4, 2.7 & 3m lengths

2nd’s Rail Sleepers

230×115 & 230×50 at 2.15m

Treated hardwood posts

100×75-200×200 at various lengths

Treated fence rails

75×38 at 4.8m

Treated hardwood palings

100×16 at 1.2m-2.4m

Yard fencing rails

150×50 at 3m

Landscape Supplies

We produce a wide range of landscape supplies, all treated to H4 standards protecting it from decay, termites and borers so suitable for outside and in ground use. We also cut rails and stays, inline strainers, corner stays-posts and split posts. As a by product of sawing we supply sawdust by the trailer and truck load at competitive prices and this year we are looking to install a chipper for all your garden woodchip needs. We also supply split fence posts, round posts and stays. Give the office a call and speak to Phil about prices and availability.



We welcome your enquiry for your timber requirements. Contact our team to discuss your specificĀ needs.